connect*ed academic presentations

Date Topic/ Event Venue
2017 Sept 7 Oral presentation – Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care Research meeting HKU
2017 Nov 24 Plenary Discussion Panel – Conference on Innovations in Learning and Teaching, Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education (FSTE) PolyU
2018 May 25 UGC T&L projects parallel session- Conference Day of LT@EdUHK Festival 2018 EdUHK
2018 June 27 Sharing session – Medicine panel Minisymposium on TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) in Tertiary STEM education PolyU
2018 Dec 14 eLearning Forum Asia @Learning and Teaching Expo Higher Education Panel   HKCC
2018 Dec 19 Frontiers in Medical and Health Sciences Education – panel presentation HKU
2019 Aug 21 Teaching and Learning Symposium 2019 Baptist U
2020 Jan 09 APMEC NUS, Singapore
2020 Feb 29 Ottawa 2020 Ottawa 2020, KLCC, Malaysia


connect*ed presentations to students and staff

Date Topic/ Event Venue
2017 Sept 13 MBBS Enrichment Year Planning Group internal meeting HKU
2017 Sept 18 MBBS Enrichment Year presentation to Teachers of the LKS Faculty of Medicine HKU
2018 Feb 7 Briefing to MBBS Year 2 students QMH – PLT
2018 May 9 Mentor briefing 1 HKU
2018 May 10 Mentor briefing 2 HKU
  List individual mentor briefings HKU
  List individual student briefings HKU
2018 June 4 Briefing to HKU student ambassadors HKU
2018 June 6 Briefing to EdUHK students and mentors with HKU student ambassadors EdUHK
2018 June 9 connect*ed Launch Symposium HKU