Project Background

Beyond the e-portfolio:
supporting connectivity and communities of learning in a virtual environment
During your time in university, all of you will embark on different adventures – placements, voluntary work, exchanges and so on – on the road to building your career. These will be fun and inspiring, and may at times, bring forth unexpected challenges, both good and bad. But how do all these experiences affect you, as well as link and add value to your professional development?

connect*ed is a social collaborative space to connect you with a community of your peers when you are far from home and feeling isolated, and to help you make sense of your unique learning experiences by connecting them with your professional and educational goals. By meeting up in a virtual space where you can chat, vent, share, discuss, enlighten, think out loud, and add to the collective wisdom of the group, you will build a community of learning that coalesces around shared experience and common goals. Meaningful (but fun!) activities presented periodically on a new mobile platform will trigger your thinking, keep you on track and help your group construct an output that crystallizes what you have learned and serve as a memento by which you may fondly remember this year.

Project connect*ed is a cross-institutional collaboration, bringing together medical students (MBBS) on Enrichment Year from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and English education (BEd (English Language)) students and other students on exchange or field experience from the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK).

Project overview:
*The group collaborative output for project connect*ed is different from the individual deliverable related to your specific Enrichment Year attachment. Satisfactory completion of both are required to successfully complete MBBS Year 3.

Workplace by Facebook has been selected as a pilot platform. Please go to Workplace by Facebook and login with the account we have provided. The format of your connect*ed account name is or Eduhk Portal
For enquiry or suggestions, please contact connect*ed project team (connectedproj @