project background


About the project 

  • Enhance the use of ePortfolio and virtual learning environment for experiential learning
  • Collaboration among EdUHK students and HKU Medical School students
  • Sharing experiences about exchange and/or field experience

connect*ed is an online learning network that supports academic and personal growth through mentorship and inquiry-based exploration of professional goals. It aims to help students during their EY to (1) feel connected when geographically distant,(2) connect their disparate experiences with professional goals, and (3) make connections beyond individual, solitary reflection.


The goal of connect*ed 

To enhance and support the student learning experience during their enrichment year -intellectually, academically, psychologically and socially via

  • a virtual collaborative space that stimulates the formation of a community of learning that coalesces around common goals with the support of a mentor

The virtual collaborative space:

  • E-portfolios can draw together totality of learning experience (Madden, 2015)

  • Digitized, learner-curated, promotes learning through selective compilation of accumulated evidence: a system that allows you to collect, select and reflect, showcase (Barrett, 2007)

  • Focus has been on the e-portfolio as end-product, the showcase of individual’s reflective endeavor ‘a private project of completion, rather than a public performance of becoming’ (Phelan & Vratulis, 2014).

Building a community of learning around common goals

  • why does each student’s unique experience matter in becoming a doctor
  • how do these experiences contribute to the expected attributes a university graduate should have


A video introducing connect*ed